Printing T-shirt With a Screen Printer Machine

The history of screen printing machines can be traced back to Song Dynasty when this form of stenciling first appeared before spreading to other Asian countries and to the rest of the world. Since then, a number of screen printing equipment was developed and it became one of the most popular printing techniques until the direct-to-garment, heat and UV printing techniques came into existence. It is worth noting that, even though these other technologies are still being explored, a number of printing shops and companies are still depending on this printing technique. They come in different forms depending on where the machines should be used and these include garment, T-shirt and textile industry. You can opt for either the manual or the automatic versions.

The working principle behind the screen printer machines is based on the fact that;  materials which are light sensitive and film-positive images are used to print a number of materials such as wood, plastic and fabrics among other materials. Normally, as long as the image is on the screen, a printout is created by pressing the ink through the screen. It is one of those printing techniques which are used to create brilliant images with a dynamic looking print. When different colors are to be used, a screen must be created in every color. This technology is still valued by most customers and printing shops.

But, how can you Transform it into a Screen Printed T-shirt?

When you are using screen printer machines, the design to be printed must be transferred to a positive film. In most cases, this design is created using a computer with the help of design software. There are very many graphics design programs in the market which can be used to create different types of designs. Some of the most commonly used program is either Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Alternatively, a simple graphics such as typography can be created using Microsoft Word. At times, drawings can also be scanned into the graphics programs where they can be customized. The designed graphics are reproduced on the special paper using a laser printer to achieve sufficient opacity.

How should you work with the Screen Printer Machines?

These printers’ screens are made of synthetic screen mesh which is normally stretched over a frame. The frames are constructed from either metal or wood. A light-sensitive emulsion is used to coat the screen printer machine’s frame. It is left to dry, after which a film-positive face is placed on the screen. Warm water and light from an exposure lamp is used to make the image appear on the screen of the printer. As soon as the screen is dry, it is normally clamped into a screen-printing press. To wipe the ink on the screen mesh for the design to be replicated on the T-shirt; it uses squeegee.

It is one of the simplest techniques one can use to print his or her customized T-shirts at home without necessarily going to a printing shop. If you have opted for the DIY, ensure you understand the entire process involved besides having all the necessary equipment.